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Almo Nature = petfood+aLmore

By Almo Nature del: 03-06-2015
Category: NEWS
The Promise by Gabriele Salvatores: premiered spot of the short film produced by Almo Nature

It is now visible the premiered 30-second spot of The Promise, the short film directed by Gabriele Salvatores, produced by Almo Nature and created in collaboration with Zodiak Active. This is a new stage in the sign of the Almore, the fil rouge that binds the company to art, solidarity, ethic and civil responsibility.

Category: PET FOOD
Legend Dog

Almo Nature LEGEND for dogs is made purely with the finest beef, chicken and tuna, with no added colorants, preservatives, supplements or bulking agents. Almo Nature LEGEND contains the nutritional elements of the meat and fish exactly like those that we humans consume every day.

By Almo Nature del: 01-08-2013
Category: NEWS
Almo Nature’s nutritional advice for cats

Let your cat enjoy the taste of Almo Nature Legend tins. Pure ingredients, pure pleasure!

By Almo Nature del: 29-09-2014
Category: NEWS
Eating according to nature: the principle of rotation

Given their great ability to adapt and survive, cats are often thought of as animals that are easy to feed. Unfortunately, this belief is often proved wrong.

Cats, which have a very complex digestive system, have preserved the same, strict eating limitations over time, even after thousands of years living with human beings.

This is due to two very important factors. Let’s take a closer look at them.

By Almo Nature del: 22-05-2014
Category: NEWS
This is why Almo Nature is unique

Almo Nature is simple: Real tuna. Real chicken. Real salmon. Real ingredients.

Just using freshly prepared, high quality ingredients, with no additives, no colourings and no thickeners. A pure food that provides the cat with all the nutrition they need, as they would in nature.  Naturally rich in taurine, vitamins and minerals, there is no need for artificial enhancement.

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    Pure natural foods for cats and dogs! Almo Nature uses the same cuts of real meat and fish that
  • Holistic Croquettes Easily Digestible 400 g.
    Holistic Croquettes Easily Digestible is part of the Basic category because they also include by-pro
  • Legend Cat
    Almo Nature Legend contains 71 to 76% meat or fish cooked and preserved naturally in cooking water
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    Almo Nature in pouches is sustainable pet food Lower CO2 emissions compared to cans. Less waste
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  • Meet us at Global Pet Expo in Orlando!

    Don't miss out on a fresh taste of Italy: meet us at our lounge stand 975
    and relax with a freshly brewed espresso and cappucino, the italian way.

    March 12-14, 2014 - Orange County

  • Choose your cat’s food. Pure, as in nature.

    Choosing how to feed our cats may be one of the most important decisions to make  as it affects their health and wellbeing. Let’s take a look at the nature of cats to understand their nutritional needs and how to meet them.

  • Orlando Pet Expo: thank you!

    The Almo Nature USA team wants to say thank you for visiting our booth and collecting information about our products. We strongly believe in Almo Nature nutritional philosophy and in the outstanding quality of the products we produce.


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